2011-2012 Transportation Fees

Tonight, the CBE laid out copies of the 2011-2012 Transportation Fee Report along with the agenda and other reports outside the boardroom. The discussion and debate regarding this report, which was embargoed, was removed from the agenda at the request of the administration. This fee report recommends increasing bussing fees by approximately 60%, from $200 per year to $335 per year per K-9 student. The family maximum will be raised from $400 per year to $670 per year.

One thought on “2011-2012 Transportation Fees

  1. Thanks Trina for getting to the board room early. It’s very troubling that, had the item not been pulled, trustees would have voted on this without any opportunity for the public to provide feedback on it. Thanks for posting. I’d encourage people to provide feedback on it to your trustee.

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