Board of Trustees: Chair MIA?

Where has Chair Bowen-Eyre been?

On September 10, 2014, Calgary experienced a summer snowstorm with unexpected consequences: breaking tree-branches, power outages and no classes at some schools. There was confusion as to whether or not schools were accepting students, or sending them home. But the Chair of the Board made no appearance on media, social media or other communication.

Later in the day, the Calgary Board of Education held a press conference to provide an update on how the weather had affected schools. The Chair of the Board was not present.

On September 11, 2014, the Calgary Board of Education held a public open house to share and explain proposed updates to their capital ranking formula. But again, the Chair of the Board decided not to attend. Rather, she chose to go to her own child’s school, instead of representing the Board of Trustees or engaging the public.

Maybe she’s been busy updating her blog? Nice guess, but it hasn’t been touched since the election.

It’s hard to understand why Trustee Bowen-Eyre wanted to be chair of the board. A good board chair would provide a highly visible public face to a public organization; a clear point of contact for public questions and ideas; someone who takes responsibility for everything (good and bad) that occurs within the organization; and a force for internal progress.

We encourage Trustee Bowen-Eyre to commit to showing leadership during her tenure as Chair of the Board of Trustees of the Calgary Board of Education.

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