CBE Board Meeting December 20, 2011

The maximum number of stakeholder reports allowed is five. We know of at least two people who wanted to speak, but were turned away when the maximum was reached.

CBE Board Meeting December 20, 2011 from ARTICS AssocResponsiveTrusteeCgy on Vimeo.

0:00 Welcome, Report from trustees, Report from Chief Superintendent

19:21 Public question from Trina Hurdman: “In the fall update to the 2011-2012 budget from the last board meeting, on page 9-26, it shows that the CBE received a little over $29 million more from the province than previously budgeted. However, only a little over $20 million of this was spent on staff. Why is 30 per cent of this additional provincial funding not being spent on staffing? Further, around $14 million more are now being budgeted for ‘Services, contracts and supplies expenses.’ Can you provide a detailed breakdown of how this additional 14 million is being spent?” Response: We will work on it tomorrow.

20:49 Public question from Julie Miller: “Why have the memorization of times tables, spelling tests and cursive writing been removed from the curriculum? Why do we have to spend so much time engaging, strategizing, feeling and speaking of initiatives? Can you explain the extreme shift from core principle education, including memorization of basic mathematics and spelling tests, to what the children are currently doing? What do you intend to do to ensure that the basics of education are not lost among the rest of the very colourful and new-age subject and discipline areas that we know have failed miserably in other countries? Where and when can parents have a say in the curriculum of their children, or is that why more and more are turning to homeschooling?” Response: We can’t control the curriculum that is put out by Alberta Education and you can give them your feedback.

24:05 Stakeholder report by Larry Leach, chair of ARTICS

27:20 Stakeholder report by Chris Harper, president of the Calgary Federation of Communities

30:36 Stakeholder report by Jennifer Andrews

34:12 Stakeholder report by Lawrence Oshanek

36:52 Stakeholder report by Eryn Kelly, co-president of CAPSC

45:30 Annual monitoring of Ends 2: Academic Success. Approved unanimously.

1:39:00 Discussion of the Registered Apprenticeship Program.

1:52:40 Annual monitoring of EL-11: Financial Condition. Approved unanimously.

2:08:40 Annual monitoring of EL-13: Facilities. Approved unanimously.

2:32:05 Consideration of the amended board procedures proposed by a “working group” composed of Trustees Cochrane, King and Bowen-Eyre.

3:22:20 Trustee Taylor moves “to postpone the discussion around the procedures document and the decision until public and stakeholder input is received and until administration has advised the impacts with respect to these changes.” Motion fails 2-5 with Trustees Bazinet and Taylor in favour and Trustees Lane, Ferguson, King, Cochrane and Bowen-Eyre opposed.

3:43:40 Amendments to the motion relating to the board procedures.

4:35:10 Trustee Lane moves “to refer the matter of the review of board meeting procedures as amended back to the working committee to make further revisions and bring the matter back to the board at an early date.” Amended by Trustee Cochrane to “the end of February, 2012”. Passed unanimously.

4:44:30 Trustee King withdraws her motion to immediately suspend public questions, stakeholder reports and trustee inquiries at public board meetings.

4:47:12 Trustee Ferguson pulls the ASBA Advocacy Task Force report from the consent agenda. The recommendation to respond in support of ASBA fails 2-5 with Trustees Taylor and Bazinet in favour and Trustees Lane, Cochrane, King, Ferguson and Bowen-Eyre opposed.

5:06:27 Trustee Bowen-Eyre moves “that ASBA be advised through the CBE director that the CBE Board of Trustees has decided that it is inappropriate for a voluntary organization to engage in advocacy efforts that are not supported by member-approved policy.” Passed 5-2 with Trustees Lane, Cochrane, King, Ferguson and Bowen-Eyre in favour and Trustees Bazinet and Taylor opposed.

5:08:35 The Board moves in camera.

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