CBE Board Meeting December 6, 2011

This is a long meeting, containing a fall budget update, the presentation of audited financial statements, the annual education results report and the three year education plan.

CBE Board Meeting December 6, 2011 from ARTICS AssocResponsiveTrusteeCgy on Vimeo.

0:00 Welcome, O Canada, Emily Follensbee school presentation, trustee reports

35:05 Public question by Trina Hurdman: “As reported in several media stories, the CBE used the additional provincial funding to add 158 FTE teachers. Could you please provide a breakdown of how many of those positions were classroom teachers and how many were learning leaders or other teaching specialists? Can you also provide the final average class sizes for K-3, 4-6, 7-9 and 10-12?” The answer, in brief, was: The CBE doesn’t have that information.

42:00 Stakeholder report by Trevor Dreher, chair of Terrace Road school council, requesting that the consideration of closure be delayed

45:00 Stakeholder report by Jennifer Andrews, parent, questioning why academic standards vary so greatly between schools

48:45 Stakeholder report by Marie Belanger, parent, questioning the focus on character and citizenship to the detriment of academic success

52:30 Trustee inquiry by Trustee Taylor: “Are there any policies in place at the Calgary Board of Education that specifically offer protection to sexual minorities, also commonly referred to as LGBTQ students? If yes, please detail how the policies operate to ensure a respectful, welcoming environment for each and every student. If not, are any policies being developed and when will they be implemented?”
The answer, in brief, was: Personal and sexual harassment are prohibited.

57:35 Presentation and consideration of audited financial statements. Approved unanimously.

1:40:55 Combined Annual Education Results Report and Three Year Education Plan. Approved with five trustees in favour, Trustees Bazinet and Taylor opposed.

3:05:45 Terms of reference of the Board Evaluation Committee questioned by Trustee Taylor. Approved unanimously.

3:19:27 Locally Developed Courses report questioned by Trustee King

3:25:02 Trustee notice of motion by Trustee King: “To amend Board of Trustee processes in order that the Board receives authentic stakeholder input and inquiries.”

3:25:30 Board moves in camera

3 thoughts on “CBE Board Meeting December 6, 2011

  1. I am so impressed at the guts, courage, passion of parents who speak up for their kids at such meetings. Let there be more of them. Three minutes is also not enough time for them. It is so token. They are the owners of the system, not just stakeholders after all. When we hear from parents we are hearing from THE BOSS.

    Too often we lose sight of that.

  2. Parents, have to be encouraged to speak up more.
    Alberta Ed should also be encouraged to conduct a full audit of the boards spending. The CBE uses funds completely inappropriately.
    As far as the report on Trustees ability to vote from Rod Peden, would that not be available as a FOIP request?

    1. The legal opinion on trustee conflict of interest was produced by Macleod Dixon. It is protected under FOIP due to client-solicitor privilege. Only the board of trustees has the authority to make the document public so ARTICS requested that they do so in a public board meeting on May 17, 2010. The trustees voted (5 to 2) against releasing the document in a private meeting on May 24, 2010 and did not report this decision back to the public or ARTICS until the last public meeting of the year on June 28, 2010 despite two other public board meetings being held in the meantime on June 7 and 14.

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