CBE Board Meeting February 21, 2012

0:00 Welcome, O Canada

19:20 Chief Superintendent Johnson gives a brief response to the provincial budget

24:05 Stakeholder reports: Helen Mowat, (27:50) four parents speaking about the proposed Arabic bilingual program

46:20 Trustee Taylor’s inquiry: “In the context of the legal review described in the Calgary Herald article of September 20, 2011, was a formal request for proposal (RFP) completed prior to retaining the ongoing legal services of Davis LLP or were the services of Davis LLP contracted via “single source” purchasing?” Answer: “The services of Davis LLP were engaged through a sole-source agreement.”

47:55 The Board of Trustees vote against completing an Alberta School Board Association (ASBA) survey. Trustees Bazinet and Taylor in favour, Trustees Lane, Cochrane, King, Ferguson and Bowen-Eyre opposed.

1:08:40 Meeting adjourned

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