CBE Board Meeting January 24, 2012

This is the board meeting where the trustees unanimously approve their new board procedures.

CBE Board Meeting January 24, 2012 from ARTICS AssocResponsiveTrusteeCgy on Vimeo.

0:36 Welcome & O Canada

3:10 Lord Beaverbrook school presentation

43:30 Public questions. Question from Jennifer Andrews: Can you please tell us what the cost of having the Aspen Group consult, as well as the cost of any other outside groups required, in formulating the plan to adopt the new governance policies planned to be passed in tonight’s meeting. Answer: There is just the Aspen Group, the cost to date has been $48,174.45.

Question from Larry Leach: Why did the Board of Trustees feel that it was “in the public interest” to review and revise all of their public policies in private, in-camera meetings? Answer: We are allowed to meet in private when we choose.

Question from Trina Hurdman: Several trustees have publicly stated that the chief superintendent will be held accountable by the Board of Trustees, should she fail to be in compliance with board policies. What is the process that the trustees will use to hold the chief superintendent accountable for non-compliance, and why has it not been written into policy? Answer: We monitor policies.

46:45 Stakeholder report by Helen Mowat

51:04 Stakeholder report by Julie Miller

54:35 Stakeholder report by Jennifer Andrews

57:45 Stakeholder report by Leslie Newton, president of the Calgary Association of Parent and School Councils

1:00:05 Trustee Inquiry from Trustee Taylor: Does the Calgary Board of Education have a whistleblower policy in place? If not, does administration anticipate putting a whistleblower policy in place and, in the absence of a whistleblower policy, what are the implications for current or former employees who disclose proprietary information to trustees or other parties? Answer: A policy was circulated for feedback, and the policy will be introduced after a neutral third party is found.

1:03:35 Recommendation for consideration of closure regarding the Mandarin bilingual program at Langevin school. The board voted unanimously to proceed with consideration.

1:35:40 Recommendation for consideration of closure regarding Roland Michener school. The board voted unanimously in favour.

2:17:00 Annual monitoring of EL-12 Asset Protection.

2:52:52 Adoption of revised governance policies. The board voted unanimously in favour.

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