CBE Board Meeting March 6, 2012

We already posted the last portion of this board meeting, since it covered the presentation of the new board procedures.

CBE Board Meeting March 6, 2012 from ARTICS AssocResponsiveTrusteeCgy on Vimeo.

0:00 Welcome, O Canada, Langevin School presentation

29:40 Board development session: Inclusive Learning Communities

1:15:01 Stakeholder reports: Chris Harper (starts at 1:15:35), Brendan Beasley (starts at 1:19:35)

1:22:55 Operational Expectation 2: Temporary Chief Superintendent Succession — Reasonable Interpretation. Passed unanimously.

1:39:20 Operational Expectation 4: Treatment of Employees — Reasonable Interpretation. Passed unanimously.

1:54:00 Public Engagement Processes. Motion passes unanimously.

2:33:06 Board Meeting Procedures – Proposed Revisions. Trustees Cochrane, Lane, Ferguson, King and Bowen-Eyre in favour. Trustees Bazinet and Taylor opposed. Motion passes. (For timing of specific points within this debate, please see the previous post, as noted above.)

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