CBE Board Meeting November 1, 2011

Oops, we forgot our tripod attachment. Please excuse the handheld video.

0:00 Welcome, singing of O Canada, approval of the agenda

3:00 School presentation by Dr. Gordon Higgins school – Ends 5

21:39 Report from the chair and from trustees

27:02 Report from the Chief Superintendent

32:10 A public question from Trina Hurdman: “Will you please provide the resource allocation method formula that was used for school budgets in elementary, junior high, senior high and unique settings schools for the 2011-2012 school year, with all categories and amounts?”

33:30 Stakeholder report by Marie Belanger (view clip)

42:46 Stakeholder report by Trina Hurdman, reading an open letter to the Board of Trustees written by Carole Oliver (view clip)

46:11 Trustee Taylor moves that ASBA to represent them in discussions with the Government of Alberta and the ATA, and the appointment of a trustee to serve on the ASBA bargaining advisory committee. The motions pass unanimously, with Chair Cochrane appointed to serve.

1:11:11 Board of Trustees’ Committees – Terms of Reference (GP-11E). Adopted unanimously.

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