CBE Board Meeting November 15, 2011

At this evening’s board meeting, Chair Cochrane read a letter to Carole Oliver and ARTICS, in response to Carole’s letter to the Board of Trustees.

CBE Board Meeting November 15, 2011 from ARTICS AssocResponsiveTrusteeCgy on Vimeo.

0:00 Welcome, O Canada, trustee reports.

16:22 Pat Cochrane reads a letter to Carole Oliver.

20:15 Monitoring of E-L 3: information, counsel and support to the board of trustees. Passed unanimously without question or debate.

28:11 Monitoring of E-L 6: instructional program. After questions and debate, the motion passed unanimously.

1:12:00 Chief Superintendent’s report.

1:24:20 Board moves in camera.

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