CBE Ignores Public Questions, Again

At every Calgary Board of Education public board meeting, up to 15 minutes is set aside for questions from the public. These questions must be submitted at least five hours prior to the meeting. According to the board meeting procedures, Section I.6.iii, “If an answer cannot be supplied at the meeting, it will be provided to the applicant in writing, as soon as possible after the meeting, and will be read into the corporate record at a public meeting when the answer is available.”

ARTICS is still waiting for the response to the following three public questions. No questions were referred to during the June 14 board meeting and we have been given no indication as to when we can expect to receive a response.

  • May 17: At the last public board meeting on May 3, the board of trustees failed to answer the question, “When will the 13-page legal opinion given to trustees on April 15 be made available to the public, and if it will not be released, why?” Since then, the Calgary Herald has reported that they have a copy and is reporting on matters within this document that affect all Calgarians. Again, we repeat, when will the Board of Trustees release this document in order for the public to view the contents in context in order to make their own judgements and work for the benefit of all? If the Board of Trustees will not release this document, please clearly explain why this is in the public interest.
  • June 7: In Ontario, all school boards must disclose salaries of over $100,000. Can the Calgary Board of Education provide a list of all current 2010-2011 non-school based positions and their accompanying salaries that are over $100,000? Will any of these positions be cut for the 2011-2012 school year due to the budget shortfall?
  • June 7: Since all trustees’ salaries, benefits, allowances and expenses account for less than $450,000 of the $1.7 million Board of Trustees 2010-11 Budget, can you provide a detailed breakdown of where the remaining $1.25 million dollars is being spent? Will any of this be cut for the 2011-2012 budget?

If trustees and/or administration are not able to answer the question by the next public board meeting, this should be recognized in a statement during public question period, along with when they expect to be able to provide an answer. If an extension is required, a reasonable explanation should be given as to the reasons why.

One thought on “CBE Ignores Public Questions, Again

  1. In the 3 stages of any movement, learned in South African struggles for rights, the adversary ignores you. The second stage is they criticize and mock you. The last stage is they agree with you and say it was their plan all along.

    We are, sigh, only at stage one here. Ignoring the public is a key strategy and also very unfair.

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