CBE sends warning to ARTICS

On January 26, 2012, ARTICS received a letter from James Bancroft, a lawyer with Davis LLP. The letter and ARTICS’ response can be found below.

ARTICS is concerned that this is an attempt by the Calgary Board of Education to intimidate and silence ARTICS. We are a small group of concerned citizens, who are not affiliated with, and do not receive funding from, any other organization. It is intimidating to receive a letter from a lawyer warning us that if we continue “to make allegations of a false and misleading nature concerning the actions of CBE Administration or the Board… the CBE will pursue its legal options against ARTICS… without further notice.” Unlike the CBE, we do not have a multi million dollar legal budget.

ARTICS has been successful in generating more public interest in the work of the CBE Board of Trustees. We record and post CBE board meetings, bring to light issues that may be of concern to the public, and ask many, many questions. We understand that it is not comfortable to be under scrutiny, but as publicly elected officials, the trustees are ultimately accountable to the citizens of Calgary.

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