December public vs. private meeting time

The final December 2011 meeting minutes were approved at the February 7, 2012 public board meeting, which explains the lateness of this review. In December, the CBE trustees again met far more in private than in public. In total, they met for 23 hours and 16 minutes.

Public time for December: 8 hours, 15 minutes (or 35.5% of the total board meeting time)

Private time: 15 hours, 1 minute (or 64.5% of the total board meeting time)

This hardly reverses the trend that we have previously highlighted, where trustees are spending more time in private than public during the current school year. August: 100% private, September: 52% private, October: 73% private, November: 77% private, December: 65% private.

Breakdown by meeting:

December 6: Public meeting time was from 5:00pm to 8:39pm (with a 15 minute recess) for 3 hours, 24 minutes of public meeting time. Private time was from 8:45pm to 8:49pm for just 4 minutes in private. In private, the trustees agreed for the Board Chair to sign a private letter on behalf of the Board of Trustees.

December 12 and 13: A private meeting from 9:02am to 5:10pm on December 12 (with a 28 minute recess at lunch), continued on December 13 from 9:05am to 4:30pm (with a 30 minute recess at lunch). That’s a total of 14 hours, 35 minutes in private. It’s interesting to note that Trustees Bazinet and Taylor voted against holding the meeting in private. Although there were no motions to indicate what work was done during these two days, the consultants from Aspen Group International, R. Quinn and L. Dawson were present both days.

December 20: Public meeting time was from 5:03pm to 10:46pm (with three recesses of 21 minutes, 19 minutes and 12 minutes) for 4 hour and 51 minutes. Private time from 10:51pm to 11:13pm, which is 22 minutes. In private, the trustees received another update from the chief superintendent, as well as private correspondence. The Board also approved the policy monitoring process and annual summative evaluation to be used for the chief superintendent.

Once again, we’ll remind you that this list includes only meetings that are posted online and does not include working group meetings, attended by all trustees. Our goal by publishing this information is to shine the light on the volume of work being done by trustees behind closed doors.

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