December Workshop Invitation

Networking and Building Capacity

Date:   December 8, 2012

Time:   10-12 noon

Location:  Good Earth Cafe at Glenmore Landing (1600 90th Avenue SW T2V 5A8 View in Google Maps)

Purpose: We will be holding an open conversation to generate and share ideas to extend our influence. This will eventually serve to draw in new people who want to become involved in the 2013 trustee election, either as candidates or volunteers.

Proposed Agenda:

10 am:             Welcome & introductions:   Robert Hurdman

10:15 am:          Question:  How can we get people emotionally involved enough to care and act?

10:45 am:          Question: How do we make trustees relevant? What do we want to change? What is our passion for this change?

11:15 am:          Question: Which influential people do we need to reach out to?

11:15 am:          Take Action: Each person will identify what they are able and willing to do before our next meeting.

12:00                Adjourn

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