Detailed CBE 2010-2011 Budget now online

The Calgary Board of Education Trustees have provided to ARTICS a public document which provides a detailed breakdown of CBE revenues and expenses for the 2010-2011 school year. It can be downloaded here.

Information that can be found in this document that cannot be found on the CBE 2010-2011 budget found on the CBE website include the following:

(Note that page numbers are given first as page numbers in the scanned PDF document, then as they are printed on the original document, which is divided up into many sections. For example page 4-1-5 would be section 4 part 1 page 5.)

  • A section on the budget process which details who were part of the Superintendent’s team and the different Budget Councils on pg. 39 or 2-3.
  • Communications with stakeholder groups about the budget on pg. 43 or 2-7.
  • Detailed breakdowns of K-12 and Chinook Learning Services teaching and learning budgets (ie. school-based expenses) on pg. 51 or 4-1-5 and comparison to the previous year’s budget on pg. 60 or 4-1-14.
  • Resource Allocation Method (RAM) for schools on pg. 53 or 4-1-7.
  • Detailed breakdown of System Instructional Support expenses on pg. 72 or pg. 4-2-5  and comparison to the previous year’s budget on pg. 74 or 4-2-7.
  • Detailed breakdown of Environmental Services and Transportation expenses on pg. 82 or 4-3-6 and comparison to the previous year’s budget on pg. 84 or 4-3-8.
  • Detailed breakdown of Administration expenses on pg. 91 or 4-4-5 and comparison to the previous year’s budget on pg. 96 or 4-4-10.
  • Detailed breakdown of Board of Trustees expenses on pg. 94 or 4-4-8.
  • Breakdown of all sources of revenue on pg. 100 or 5-2.

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