How does a meeting become the official voice of parents?

On October 14th Calgary Board of Education Trustees voted to make the Council of School Councils (COSC) the “official voice” of CBE parents. So how does that work? COSC is a meeting, not an organization. It is not registered, has no structure, no executive and to date has voted on nothing. How does this become the “official voice” of Parents at the CBE? Almost a month out from that decission and I have no clearer answers than I did watching the meeting where they made the decision.

The October 29th COSC meeting is where Chair Bowen Eyre promised discussion” about how they may serve as parent stakeholders in the future.” As I write this, there are no notes, votes or discussion posted on the COSC page on how this discussion went.

Now there is a survey: (deadline is November 18th)

  • What are your thoughts on the possible ways COSC could participate as an official parent stakeholder?
  • Do you have any specific concerns or questions?
  • Do you have any suggestions for us to consider?

So now you can tell them how you want COSC to operate as an official parent voice, after the decision to make them one has been made. Do the survey at: and add your voice. Either COSC will change what it is and it’s mandate, or there will be no parent voice at the CBE. It’s a shame that at present there is no voice when we had a perfectly good, well organized longstanding parent voice in CAPSC.

And while you are in the survey mood, stop by and weigh in as they decide how they more forward as an organization. If you have time Wednesday night, attend the special CAPSC meeting 7pm Raddison Park School.

This is an important time to have your say as parents.

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