How many CBE employees does it take to answer 5 questions?

As you read through the reams of e mails surrounding a FOIP request by Metro Calgary reporter Jeremy Nolais, it is staggering how many people are involved in answering 5 questions from the reporter and moreover, how many people are informed and in the loop about it.

There is a handwritten note (not sure by who) with the answers. The typed answers were run through 3 communications people, The Chief Superintendent (who also met with Communications Chief on it), Chief Financial Officer, 3 Trustees (2 of which are now former trustees), one of which met with Chief Communications officer, CBE General Legal Council. That’s 9 people.

News of the story that came from the responses engaged the Chief Communications Officer, Chief Superintendent, CBE General Council, and an e mail string between 3 Trustees to add the stories to their agenda.

39 CBE employees and 2 employees from Alberta Education were advised of the media inquiry and responses. Much of which was redacted, meaning private confidential information, not OK to release publicly was shared with 41 people.

That’s a lot of people who are looking to protect the interests of the CBE. How many people are protecting the interests of the students and citizens of Calgary?



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