March: Private vs Public meetings

For March, total public time was 346 minutes (5hrs 46min)
Private time was 366 minutes, (6hrs 6min)
This is the second month in a row where private time has been greater than the public time. It’s interesting to note that the Board “plans” to have their meeting time divided between 1/3 private and 2/3 public. So that is the expectation the public has about how much of their work should be done in private.  If you care about transparency, which is one of ARTICS main issues, these hours spent in private, on many topics that have any relation to “land, legal or personnel” is worrisome. A public board should do their business in public.

March 1 Board Meeting:
Public Meeting time: 5 to 7: 54 p.m. with a nine-minute recess. (165 min)
Private meeting time: 8:07 p.m. to 9:44 p.m. (97 minutes)
Private topics: In this over 90 minute session, the board wrote a letter to the minister of education about the impact of recent budget cuts on the CBE. As well, they approved a report on the Chief Superintendent’s remuneration.

March 15  Board Meeting
Public: 5 p.m to 8:17 p.m. with a 16 minute recess. (181 minutes)
Private Meeting: 8:26 to 9:44 (78 minutes)
Private meting topics: “appropriate processes to dispose of the Education Centre at 515 Macleod Trail S.E. subject to the Board’s final approval as to the sale.”

March 22 Private Board Meeting
Private meeting time: 3 pm.. to 6:11 p.m.  (191 minutes)
Topics include: 3-Year capital plan received for info, Communication to Schools and Parents “as discussed”, 2009/10 Audit Observations, the consent agenda included: Construction Projects Status Report, Education Centre Financial Status Report, Riverside Bungalow report, liaison report regarding EducationMatters, private report regarding P3 Schools.

In an effort to keep Calgarians informed about the work of the CBE trustees, ARTICS will compile data on private meeting time versus public time. I’ll remind you that the only topics that we know are discussed are the ones that have motions about them. As well, private meeting time does not include informal board meeting time, including work sessions, held every Wednesday.

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