March public vs. private meeting time

In March, for the first time this year, the CBE trustees spent more of their official meeting time in public than in private. In total, they met for 13 hours and 1 minutes.

Public time for March: 9 hours, 24 minutes (or 72% of the total board meeting time)

Private time: 3 hours, 37 minutes (or 28% of the total board meeting time)

Breakdown by meeting:

March 6: This public meeting began at 5:00pm and ended at 9:32pm, with a 22 min recess. The public portion of the meeting lasted 4 hours and 10 minutes. The board moved in camera at 9:42pm for 12 minutes to “approve the formal summative statement of the performance evaluation of the Chief Superintendent” for 2011. The meeting adjourned at 9:54pm.

March 13: This was a special meeting of the board of trustees. Because proper notice was not given, trustees were required to sign a Waiver of Notice in accordance with the School Act. The meeting began at 2:02pm and immediately moved in camera, which was opposed by Trustee Bazinet. The resulting public motions refer to the Three-Year School Capital Plan. The meeting adjourned at 4:37pm, for a duration of 2 hours and 35 minutes. The meeting was reconvened the following day, March 14, at 12:15pm and again moved in camera. The resulting motions refer to a review of the proposed Education Act. The meeting adjourned at 12:43pm, lasting an additional 28 minutes.

March 20: This public meeting began at 5:00pm and lasted until 10:31pm with a 17 minute break. The public portion of the meeting lasted 5 hours, 14 minutes. The board moved in camera at 10:38pm and adjourned at 11:00pm. The resulting motion indicates that they discussed a selection process for external members of the audit committee. The board spent 22 minutes in camera.

Once again, we’ll remind you that this list includes only meetings that are posted online and does not include informal meetings attended by all trustees or meetings of “working groups” of trustees. It has been suggested that trustees meet for approximately two hours each week at informal work sessions, or 8 hours per month. If those were accounted for, it would mean the trustees spent slightly more time meeting privately than they did meeting publicly.

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