At May 6th board meeting fees rise, “Rise Up”!

The May 6th CBE Public Trustees meeting was the most important meeting of the year. There were 2 very important issues being presented, questioned and debated. First up (at 28 minutes on meeting video), The 2014-15 CBE budget. Many questions came up, like will our classrooms look the same next year as they do this year? The answer is that the overall system is status quo and only if school student populations change, would there be changes in a particular school.

Here are a couple stories on the budget debate (Calgary Herald)(Metro Calgary). Trustee Pamela King asserted “You need to not rise up against the board of trustees but rise up against the Government of Alberta and start contacting MLAs ” A rallying cry that may have gotten some excited to call or write their MLA. In fact, we at ARTICS see that government funding has decreased over the last number of years and would like to see an increase. One question MLA’s should ask constituents who may contact them is “are you confident the CBE is spending it’s dollars wisely?” So ask yourself, are you?

Lets examine a few of the many stories on spending at the Calgary Board of Education, just over the last few months:

CBE trustee chair in the dark on Navigator use, deems it ‘not OK’

Calgary Board of Education’s former top exec routinely met with pricey ‘high-stakes communications firm’

Calgary Board of Education’s proposed fees double those charged by Catholic peers

Top CBE official to net nearly $300K in severance after early resignation

Critics accuse Calgary Board of Education of skirting salary freeze for senior staff

Third party was planned for retiring CBE executive amid financial struggles

CBE top exec claims she’s paid back part of heavily criticized cellphone bill

CBE’s top official surprised by depth of high school cuts despite giving order: Emails

Calgary Board of Education to pitch feds on funding for new National Sports School

Trustee opposes CBE fee hike, says current model creates a ‘vicious cycle’

So, we agree with Trustee King to “RISE UP” but we will leave it up to you to decide who to rise up to and what you would like them to do about it.


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