The Association for Responsive Trusteeship in Calgary Schools is an organization whose mission is to encourage Calgary elected school board trustees to be transparent, responsive and accountable.

Transparent trustees:

  • value clear and uncomplicated community access to information.
  • conduct as much of their business in public as possible.
  • use a wide variety of mediums to regularly share how they are personally fulfilling their responsibilities as elected trustees.

Responsive trustees:

  • balance the needs of students, teachers and staff, parents, and the community.
  • ensure that community concerns are adequately addressed by the administration.
  • are seeking to continually improve their governance practices.

Accountable trustees:

  • represent the will of their constituents.
  • take the initiative to solicit feedback from their communities before making decisions.
  • provide accessible information to their constituents about the reasoning behind their votes in board meetings.

ARTICS will not take a position on school board issues unless they pertain to the above criteria. Our goal is to encourage a better decision-making process, not to pass judgement on any decisions made by the board itself. For example, we will not take a position about whether a school or program should stay open or close, but we will examine the processes used by trustees, and by extension administration, to ensure they are open, transparent and that members of the community are engaged in a meaningful, relevant way.

The CBE released the results of their Parent Communications Survey conducted in the Fall of 2010 and found that, “A large majority of parents are not aware of opportunities available to them to learn more about what is happening system-wide at the CBE and provide input.” This is precisely why ARTICS was formed and what we aim to change.