Oct. 18, 2011 CBE Board Meeting

After much confusion over who in the CBE had the authority to grant ARTICS permission to use the sound board to improve the audio quality of these recordings, it was finally determined that only the Chief Superintendent, Naomi Johnson, could grant this request. The request was denied with the reason given that she did not want to set a precedent of allowing public members access to the sound board. Hopefully, the CBE will soon put these videos online themselves. You will notice that this recording is of a screen as the CBE is already recording and broadcasting the proceedings so that the public (separated from the trustees by three rows of administration) can see more clearly during the meeting.


0:00 O Canada, organizational meeting with election of chair, vice-chair, committee members and committee chairs, setting of meeting times and agendas

30:45 Call to order of the regular meeting, changes to the agenda, Lighthouse Award presented to Breakfast Clubs of Canada, trustee reports on events they’ve attended, report by the Chief Superintendent, stakeholder report by Helen Mowat

56:55 Trustee inquiries. Trustee Taylor requested information on how the CBE is creating assessments to replace the Provincial Achievement Tests. Trustee Bazinet requested information on second language offerings in CBE schools.

1:03:21 Summary of the 2010-2011 Provincial Achievement Tests and Diploma Examination results

1:31:00 Trustee questions about CBE results

2:11:50 Questions about additional funding from the province ($15 million + $4.2 million that must be used for the Alberta Initiative for School Improvement)

3:13:20 Discussion and debate around additional funding. Trustees unanimously approved to direct the Chief Superintendent to distribute the funding directly to schools through the Resource Allocation Method, allowing principals to decide how to spend the funds

3:34:38 Annual monitoring of EL-7: Treatment of Staff and Volunteers. Trustees unanimously find the Chief Superintendent to be in compliance.

3:57:15 Annual monitoring of EL-16: Learning Environment/Treatment of Students.

4:17:42 Recording ends due to running out of memory

Not recorded:
Motion to find the Chief Superintendent in compliance with EL-16 with the exceptions of policy sub-parts 1 and 6. In favour; Trustees Ferguson, Cochrane and Lane. Opposed; Trustees Bowen-Eyre, King, Taylor and Bazinet. Motion fails.

CAPSC funding request. Trustee Taylor pulled this from the consent agenda since no policy exists as to funding of non-CBE organizations. Trustees unanimously approve the funding request citing that CAPSC is the official stakeholder voice of Calgary parents.

The Chief Superintendent’s Update was pulled from the consent agenda and questions were asked about the response provided to Trustee Taylor’s inquiry about the difference between third quarter projected surplus/deficits (which are used to determine the next year’s budget) and the actual final audited surplus/deficits. The graph provided contrasted the projections vs. actuals after reserve transfers had taken place because Trustee Taylor had asked for the net surplus/deficit. However, the data prior to transfers was also provided. The wide variances in projected vs. actual surplus/deficits were explained by administration as being due to exceptional circumstances in the fourth quarter that have taken place every year. Administration will continually strive to improve their forecasting accuracy.

The Capital Budget and Reserves Status Report was pulled from the consent agenda and questions were asked as to why the Lord Shaughnessy Career Technology Centre was listed as being funded by the Alberta Government. Trustees recalled approving those funds out of CBE capital dollars. Administration assured them that the project was funded by Alberta Infrastructure.

3 thoughts on “Oct. 18, 2011 CBE Board Meeting

  1. uh, excuse me..It would be a bad precedent if the public had access to being able to hear the proceedings? Surely she means it would be a bad precedent if the public had unrestricted access to the microphones. Which is not what you are seeking.

  2. Too bad the CBE isn’t putting the technology in their fancy new building to good use…

    Not to mention Cochrane says, “While we believe that webcasting will be part of our communication in the future, it’s difficult to make a new investment when we face budget challenges for programs that matter most to students and parents.”

    ARTICS starts videoing the meetings and making them available to the public (at no cost to the CBE), and the CBE won’t let ARTICS plug in to the sound system? What are they really worried about?….an influx of citizens wanting access to the sound board – does anyone believe that??

    Some background:
    See section: Section 6.3 Internet Broadcast of Public Board Meetings

  3. This district is so far behind in the use of technology; another example is the inability of parents to access their children’s attendance and marks online. Lots of other small and large districts have this ability, Edmonton Public has had it for years. Chief Sup Johnson, it’s time to get out of the dark ages regarding using technology to promote communication and transparency!

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