Oct. 4, 2011 CBE Board Meeting

Due to some confusion as to who in the Calgary Board of Education is able to grant authorization to allow us to plug into the sound board, we were not able to plug into the sound system again, but most of the microphones were not too bad. We hope to have this rectified by the next board meeting.

0:00 Welcome, singing of O Canada

4:35 Motion by Trustee Taylor to add “Discussion of provincial funding infusion” to the agenda. In favour, Trustees Bowen-Eyre, Taylor and Bazinet. Opposed, Trustees King, Ferguson and Lane. Motion fails.

11:55 Approval of agenda, presentation by Capitol Hill School on citizenship

33:39 Trustee and Chief Superintendent reports

52:20 Approval to carry-forward unspent 2010-2011 school-based funds of $5.5 million and $2.7 million of unspent service units funds to 2011-2012. Unanimously approved.

1:11:16 Annual monitoring of EL-4: Treatment of parents and citizens. Amended by Trustee Bowen-Eyre to exclude policy provision 1 because only 67% of parents were “satisfied with parental involvement with decisions about their child’s education.” Amended motion approved unanimously.

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