Recap of our public meeting

Our first public meeting was a huge success! Thank you to everyone who organized and everyone who attended. The number of people who care about the public education system in Calgary and who are willing to take time and make the effort to strengthen democracy by getting involved exceeded our expectations. Sign up to receive notices of future meetings or events:


The conversation was wide-ranging and covered many topics. We suggested the following prompts to start the dialogue:

  • What qualities should voters look for in a trustee candidate?
  • What will draw public attention to the importance of the trustee election?
  • What is the most important job of a trustee?

We welcome your answer to any of these questions in the comments below.

Below is a video of Carole Oliver’s opening remarks about why she founded ARTICS and why it’s important to us that more citizens pay attention to and get involved in the next election.

Carole Oliver introduction to ARTICS from ARTICS AssocResponsiveTrusteeCgy on Vimeo.

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