Request for the release of the CBE budget

On Wednesday, May 25, ARTICS wrote the following to the CBE Trustees:

Dear Calgary Board of Education Board of Trustees,

The Association for Responsive Trusteeship in Calgary Schools (ARTICS) has been encouraging and supporting our public school trustees to be more transparent, responsive and accountable to the public.

With this ARTICS mandate in mind, our hope is to engage and communicate with the Calgary Board of  Education trustees in a more direct manner.  ARTICS has demonstrated that members of the general public want to support and be engaged in Calgary’s public school system and are searching for positive ways in which to contribute.

ARTICS recognizes that the CBE Board of Trustees has an enormous responsibility.  ARTICS’ hope is that this e-mail creates an opportunity for dialogue and offers further opportunities for the trustees to engage with parents and community.

Currently, of concern to you as well as ARTICS, is the 2011– 2012 Calgary Board of Education operating budget.

This letter is a request for the Calgary Board Education Board of Trustees to direct CBE administration to release the proposed budget to you and to the public earlier than the typical time frame for a public meeting report.   A June 7th, or earlier, release would provide the public with more time to understand the report and send their concerns and potential questions to their trustee prior to the public Board meeting. These questions (and others) , asked and debated in the public board room would provide an opportunity for a healthier and more informed debate.  The opportunity to have factual information presented in public provides the opportunity for the electorate to have confidence that budget decisions were made with clarity and consideration for all students.

We look forward to your reply.


Larry Leach


On Thursday, May 26, ARTICS received the following reply:

Dear Mr. Leach:

On behalf of the Board of Trustees, thank you for your email concerning the release of the Calgary Board of Education’s  2011-12 preliminary operating budget.  Trustees appreciate your observations on this matter.

As you may be aware, the preliminary operating budget is scheduled to be presented to the Board at its June 14 regular meeting.  Two weeks later, at the Board’s June 28 regular meeting, it will come forward for decision.   Trustees welcome your feedback during this two week period between presentation and approval.

Thank you for writing.

Sheila Wasylyshyn, MA
Executive Assistant to the Trustees
Calgary Board of Education

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