So are we having a byelection or not at the CBE?

As you may already know, On October 3rd Sheila Taylor resigned her seat as a Public School Trustee to run for MLA in a byelection. On October 7th, Chair Bowen Eyre said in a Metro newspaper account a by-election would be “extremely costly,” but didn’t rule it out. The cost was stated at $150,000.

The Board was quick to erase Taylor from the website. The original photo of the 7 member Board of Trustees has been edited.

7 Member Board of Trustees
edited 6 member board.

The main page for the Trustees shows 6 head shots now as opposed to the “team photo” as it was before.

Yet, on Tuesday, October 14th board meeting agenda, there is no mention of a decision on a by election. No mention of Taylor or her resignation. The agenda states item 6.1 Approval of Minutes
 Special Meeting held October 3, 2014
(THAT the Board approves the minutes of the
Special Meeting held October 3, 2014, as
Page 6-31.

Page 6-31 does not exist on the public document as it sits currently. They will be added once the minutes are approved.

And who will represent the schools in Ward 11 and 13? The web profile of one school simply says “vacant”. It would be troubling if 1/7th (roughly 143,000 Calgarians) of our city goes without representation for an extended period, but perhaps just as troubling if a quick decission was made during 3 provincial by election campaigns currently going on in the city? The most pressing matter which should be up for discussion is who in the short term will represent Ward 11/13 schools? Once that is decided and the workload of the comittees that Taylor sat on is divided up, then a determination of whether and when a by-election will be called. The board is likely to take advice from many places including the Education Minister who is currently focused on a by-election. So don’t expect a quick decision nor expect that it will go one way or the other. Stay tuned, keep informed and share your thoughts with the current 6 trustees, especially if you live in Wards 11 and 13.


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