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On Friday evening (November 9th, 2014), at 8:12 pm a tweet came on to my Twitter feed from the Chair of the Board:

Keeping in mind that the organization has an official Twitter account and that there are 5 other Trustees and a search of “Council of School Councils” comes up with this result on Twitter: . 16 hours after the first tweet appeared, other than a retweet from me, no one else has tweeted this information during the launch of the survey on it’s first day.

The “survey” as it is promoted is looking for less information that a restaurant comment card.

Survey can be found here: (deadline November 18)

CBE Council of School Councils (COSC) as official parent stakeholder

The Board of Trustees recently decided to have the Council of School Councils (COSC) serve as the Calgary Board of Education’s official parent stakeholder. COSC is comprised of school council chairs or designates from all CBE schools, members of the Board of Trustees and representatives from CBE administration. The purpose of COSC is to allow for effective interaction between the CBE and its school councils. Through COSC, the CBE can focus on effective, two-way dialogue with our school councils about school and student learning issues.

This brief survey is intended to gather input from all CBE school councils, which will inform the Board’s decision-making about this relationship. Please take a few minutes to share your thoughts with us. This survey closes Nov. 18, 2014.

The restaurant comment card is an ongoing customer engagement tool for retailers to keep on top of issues when they arise. Perhaps this approach could be used by the board and send these out to parents once or twice per year to ask “how are we doing?” To ask 3 open ended questions to determine how parents want their official stakeholder to look leaves much open to interpretation and almost impossible to measure the results and come up with a plan. Parents a deserve better way to engage on this issue and better communication and promotion than a Friday evening tweet.

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  1. What parents really want to know is how well their children are doing in school …. no general comments like … your Johnny is so pleasant to have in school. He is so helpful in helping others.” or some such. Give me a grade mark — better a percentage than a letter grade and tell me about his academic problems/achievement. His behavior should be dealt with in other comments if there is a problem. BE HONEST — teachers are there to do a job, not just comment on how good they feel about what is going on.

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