Trustee disappoints engaged parent

I am a bit cynical after this week’s election results and the talk of optimism and chance for real change. My cynicism comes as I reflect back onto my one venture into political activism which came last fall during the municipal elections. I took a stand on the inequity of lunchroom supervision fees. I asked for clarification from all of the trustees running in my ward as to why there was this inequity. I did get responses from all three and decided that there was fault in their logic as to why there were three tiers of payment for one service. Action was needed and organized and carried out. (Click to view a comprehensive presentation of these actions.)At this point, just after the municipal election, I was optimistic. I got reassurance from my elected trustee that this was an important issue that was going to be looked at and that I would be kept involved in the process. Indeed, I was thanked for my contribution. However, I feel now that I was being patronized. I have heard nothing from my trustee since and any information that I did receive came from meetings I had organized on my own with CBE representatives. Even though I asked my trustee to keep me informed of the progress, fees were approved at the April 19 board meeting, without any notice to any of the parents who worked hard on this issue that fees were even up for discussion.

So as the majority Conservative government is about to run our country I wonder how many election promises of change and improved communication will be broken or merely ignored over the next four years.

I may be a cynic but it comes from experience.

Mary Beth Podivinsky

2 thoughts on “Trustee disappoints engaged parent

  1. This is not unlike experiences other parents have had with issues of school closing.

    It is also similar to feedback not received when people questionned salary tiers for substitute, supply and bridging teachers, all of whom do the same job.

    Patronizing, intentionally obscure, privately dismissive – those words come to mind.

  2. Mary Beth;

    Thanks for taking the time to contribute your thoughts here. I know of other parents who I connected with during the election who were also very passionate about this issue. They felt they’d been ignored for years. When changes were finally made, they were not consulted. I’d really like to understand if there was ANY consultation done on fees. If any parents felt they had an opportunity to provide input to either administration or trustees, I’d love for them to tell us about it.

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