Video of June 14, 2011 board meeting

This board meeting included the presentation of the proposed operating budget for 2011-2012. The subject of each trustee’s questions are provided below.


0:00:00 Welcome, singing of O Canada, introductions, and approval of the agenda
0:03:55 Global learning strategies presentation. 28 students attended a global summit in Macau and China.
0:06:55 1-minute talks by students about their learning at the global summit
0:21:10 CBE Lighthouse award to TD Friends of the Environment
0:27:50 Trustee reports of events they’ve attended
* No stakeholder reports or new public questions. ARTICS questions from the last meeting regarding the trustee’s budget and a request for a list of non-school based positions that have salaries over $100,000 were not answered. ARTICS question from the May 17 board meeting about why the 13-page legal opinion on pecuniary interest has not been publicly released was also not answered again. *
0:35:25 Trustee inquiries – Trustee King: Cost of “ends reporting” by teachers on report cards (response next public meeting)
0:36:35 Presentation of the preliminary operating budget, remarks by Chief Superintendent Naomi Johnson
0:49:10 Director Wayne Braun, finance, provides an overview of the budget
0:59:25 Review of fees, to be received for information. Trustees Bowen-Eyre, Bazinet and Taylor declare pecuniary interest and leave the room.
1:04:00 Pam King – Instructional supplies and materials fee
1:07:00 George Lane – Jr. High incidental activity fee
1:08:00 Lynn Ferguson – Transportation fee wording
1:10:00 All trustees return. Questions related to revenues
1:11:00 Carol Bazinet – Did the province cover the increase to teachers
1:15:00 George Lane – Effect of enrolment on funding
1:18:00 Sheila Taylor – What are items that CBE funds, that are not funded from the province
1:22:00 Sheila Taylor – Class size and special needs funding
1:25:00 Joy Bowen-Eyre – “Clarification of minor enhanced support”
1:28:00 George Lane – Increase in trustee budget and administration budget
1:30:00 Carol Bazinet – What changes were made to the “service delivery model” to save money
1:35:00 Joy Bowen-Eyre – Effect of AISI funding cut
1:36:30 Sheila Taylor – Expectations of cash flows related to CBE surplus properties
1:42:00 Pat Cochrane – Increased class size in grades K-3 next year
1:44:00 Pat Cochrane – Profile review for funding for severely disabled students
1:45:00 Carol Bazinet – Assumptions used in calculating the next two years shortfalls
1:48:00 Carol Bazinet – What steps are being taken to address future shortfalls?
1:52:00 Lynn Ferguson – How does the budget align with the interim three-year education plan
1:58:00 Pat Cochrane – Any news on additional funding from the province to offset fuel costs?
1:59:00 Pat Cochrane – 8 school boards that are being given additional funding
2:00:30 Sheila Taylor – What feedback did administration get from stakeholders and how was it incorporated in the budget?
2:04:00 Sheila Taylor – What feedback was received from unions and associations?
2:06:00 George Lane – Effect of the lowering of the property tax mill rate on education funding
2:08:40 Carol Bazinet – Clarification of page 6-23, Other Revenue
2:10:00 Carol Bazinet – ATRF amount now flows through our budget, where did it fit in last years’ budget?
2:15:30 Sheila Taylor – What is the cost of providing alternative programs?
2:19:15 Pam King – How does AISI impact students in the classroom?
2:20:40 Joy Bowen-Eyre – How does this budget impact the “transformation of education”?
2:22:00 Carol Bazinet – What is the total teacher salary grid increase? What else is in the $41 million total increase?
2:24:15 Carol Bazinet – On page 6-7, what is the “expected available reserves”?
2:27:30 Carol Bazinet – What happens if reserves are different from expected?
2:30:00 Sheila Taylor – How have our actual 2010-2011 expenditures compared to the 2010-2011 budget?
2:32:40 Sheila Taylor – Financial health indicators and conflicting messages from the provincial government
2:37:00 Pam King – Clarification on loss of leasing revenues over the next 2-4 years
2:38:15 Carol Bazinet – Administration increase of $3.5 million or 9%? Can we see the breakdown of staff reductions in administration?
2:47:30 Pat Cochrane – How much work would it be to break out staff reductions in administration?
2:50:30 Chair Cochrane calls for a vote on whether or not trustees will direct administration to provide the information requested above by June 28th. Trustees Taylor and Bazinet in favour. Trustees Lane, Cochrane, King, Ferguson and Bowen-Eyre opposed.
2:51:50 Sheila Taylor – Clarify the total cost for the new Education Centre and Carl Safran and how much is part of administration?
2:57:40 Sheila Taylor – Page 6-30 claims AISI in area offices is reduced by less than AISI is reduced in total
3:00:00 Carol Bazinet – How did Chinook Learning Services account for an increase of $2 million
3:01:50 Sheila Taylor – What is the cost to support neighbourhood schools
3:03:30 Motion to accept preliminary budget for information, unanimous in favour
3:05:25 Chief Superintendent Johnson presents EL-1, general executive constraint, monitoring report
3:08:33 Trustees pose a number of questions regarding the report
3:20:05 Trustee King moves to find the Chief Superintendent to be in compliance. Trustees Bowen-Eyre, King, Ferguson, Cochrane, Lane and Bazinet in favour, Trustee Taylor opposed.
3:22:50 Meeting adjourned

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