Video of June 28, 2011 board meeting

This board meeting included the approval of the operating budget for 2011-2012, as well as the defeat of two proposed amendments.

CBE Board Meeting June 28, 2011 from ARTICS AssocResponsiveTrusteeCgy on Vimeo.

0:00 Welcome and approval of agenda
2:15 Presentation of Lighthouse Award to Metis Calgary Family Services Society
11:46 Thank you to board page, trustee reports and report from the Chief Superintendent
24:32 Answers to outstanding public questions. #1. The trustees approved a motion on May 24 to decline the release of the legal opinion regarding trustee conflict of interest. Trustees Bazinet and Taylor were the only ones to oppose this motion. This question was asked on May 17 and there were public board meetings on June 7 and 14, but the question wasn’t answered until this meeting. #2. A general breakdown of the board of trustee’s budget was provided. A more detailed one can be found on page 4-4-10 from a budget document that was given to ARTICS on June 27. #3. General categories of non-school based positions paid over $100,000 were provided, but not the number of people in those positions. Also, the first sentence of the question stating that in Ontario, all school boards must disclose salaries of over $100,000 was removed and is not on the public record.
28:47 Public question asking whether the board has received any indication from Education Minister Hancock as to when an amendment to the School Act might be introduced in the legislature to address trustee conflict of interest. Answer was that the board of trustees has not received any indication from the Minister with respect to an amendment.
29:28 Stakeholder report by Eryn Kelly, CAPSC co-chair about CAPSC initiatives over the past year.
33:24 Trustee inquiry from Trustee King regarding the costs and effectiveness of ends reporting answered.
43:26 Trustee inquiry from Trustee Taylor regarding third quarter forecast operating surpluses/deficits vs. final audited actual surplus/deficit for the past ten years was not answered.
44:06 2011-12 Operating budget introductory remarks by Chief Johnson
55:02 Item 2: Noon hour supervision program
1:01:15 Items 1, 3, 4, 5, 6: School and transportation fees, other fees and non-fee based components
1:09:40 Item 7: Operating reserves
1:34:09 Item 8: Preliminary operating budget questions
1:44:56 Trustee Bazinet moves to limit administration expenses to a 3% increase (rather than the 9% budgeted) and to distribute the resulting$2.3 million dollars from administration to schools.
2:10:50 Debate on Trustee Bazinet’s motion. In favour Trustees Bazinet and Taylor. Opposed Trustees Lane, Cochrane, King, Ferguson and Bowen-Eyre.
2:23:23 Trustee Taylor moves to limit the Board of Trustees budget increase to 0% (rather than the 2.7% budgeted) and to distribute the resulting $47,000 to schools.
2:35:00 Debate on Trustee Taylor’s motion. In favour Trustees Bazinet and Taylor. Opposed Trustees Lane, Cochrane, King, Ferguson and Bowen-Eyre.
2:46:08 Debate to approve the operating budget. In favour Trustees Bowen-Eyre, Ferguson, King, Cochrane and Lane. Opposed Trustees Taylor and Bazinet.
3:10:37 Monitoring of Ends 5: Character
4:16:00 Monitoring of Ends 1: Mega-End (High School Completion)
4:50:15 Governance Committee Report

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