Video of May 17, 2011 CBE Board Meeting

Below is the video of the May 17 board meeting. The meeting was called to order outside the boardroom as the singing of “O Canada” was done to the accompaniment of a handbell choir. I’m sorry that I do not remember the name of the performing school, because it was wonderful. This video begins afterwards when the meeting resumed in the boardroom. Again, if you experience any difficulties with the video, please refresh and try again where you left off.

May 17, 2011 CBE Board Meeting from ARTICS AssocResponsiveTrusteeCgy on Vimeo.

0:00 Introductions, approval of the agenda, trustee reports of events they’ve attended and the Chief Superintendent report
11:33 Public question period
12:30 Answer to question regarding administration and other central services expenses (we have posted this answer online)
19:00 Answer regarding the accountability framework and best practices as they pertain to the CBE
28:48 Reading of questions regarding the CBE using taxis rather than buses and when the 13-page legal document will be released. Answers will be provided in writing as soon as possible after the meeting and will be read into the minutes at a future meeting.
30:17 Chair Cochrane reminds trustees that according to board procedures that any public question that they feel uses too much time or resources to answer can be refused by majority vote of the trustees
31:21 Stakeholder report by Helen Mowat
34:56 Trustee inquiry by Trustee Bowen-Eyre regarding why there was no public consultation regarding the new second-language changes
40:50 Introductory comments by Chief Superintendent for the capital budget and transportation fees regarding the new budget process in order to maximize trustee participation. Administration presented new information regarding pecuniary interest from internal and external legal counsel with individual trustee circumstances in mind.
45:15 Questions and debate regarding the preliminary capital budget. Unanimously approved.
1:15:10 Declaration of pecuniary interest for the transportation fees
1:17:16 Introduction to new process being used for the transportation fees by Chair Cochrane. Clarification on why the report was pulled two weeks ago.
1:19:03 Introduction of the transportation fee report
1:20:45 Transportation fee part 1: Senior high school fee schedule
1:37:08 Trustee King doesn’t feel that it is possible to ask all question necessary to make a decision on a single part, without having asked questions relating to other parts. Trustee Bazinet then declares a pecuniary interest because she believes that all transportation fees are interrelated. Trustee Taylor also declares a pecuniary interest because she didn’t feel that she could ask all the questions needed in order to make a decision as they would relate to other parts.
1:40:37 Debate on part 1 continues. Trustees Bowen-Eyre, Ferguson, Cochrane and Lane vote in favour. Trustee King opposed.
1:42:19 Transportation fee part 2: Kindergarten charter fee schedule. Unanimously opposed.
2:19:05 Transportation fee part 3: Elementary charter fee schedule. Trustee Lane in favour. Trustees Ferguson, King and Cochrane opposed.
2:34:30 Transportation fee parts 4-8 were then combined. Unanimously opposed.
2:47:28 Motion arising to refer the report back to administration for them to come back with alternative scenarios and report back to the board at the next public board meeting excluding senior high fees which were already approved.
2:52:43 Trustees King and Bowen-Eyre are not in support of excluding senior high fees. This led to tabling the previous motion indefinitely, rescinding the approval of the high school fee schedule, and bringing forward a new motion for the administration to present new scenarios including the high school fee schedule.
3:03:40 Annual monitoring of EL-8: Staff Evaluation. Unanimously opposed.
3:22:38 Trustee remuneration introductory remarks by Trustee Lane.
3:27:48 Motion to receive the remuneration committee minutes for information was amended to exclude the May 13 minutes. Unanimously approved.
3:35:58 GP-12: Provision for governance, which is the policy on which the remuneration recommendations are based. Approved by Trustee Lane. Opposed by Trustees Bazinet, Taylor, Cochrane, King, Ferguson and Bowen-Eyre.
4:09:10 GP-12E: Exhibit detailing trustee remuneration, amended to remove the $50/month for a cell phone and changing “provided reserved underground parking” to “entitled to reserved or scramble underground parking.” Unanimously approved.
4:35:35 Approval of April 19 minutes. Unanimously approved.

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