Video of May 3, 2011 CBE board meeting

The first 20 minutes is recorded in the overflow amphitheatre due to the seats in the board room being reserved for award recipients and their guests. If the video stops working, try refreshing and continuing where you left off.

May 3, 2011 CBE Board Meeting from ARTICS AssocResponsiveTrusteeCgy on Vimeo.

0:00 Welcome and introductions
0:45 Approval of changes to the agenda
2:10 Panorama Hills School Presentation on Ends 4: Personal Development
16:45 Excellence in Teaching Awards introduction (actual awards ceremony not recorded)
19:09 Report from trustees about events they’ve attended
27:43 Report from Chief Superintendent including why the transportation fees report was pulled
30:25 Answer to question regarding administration expenses
32:50 Question about when the 13 page legal opinion regarding pecuniary interest will be released. Answered by Rod Peden in which he made it clear that the Board of Trustees can authorize its release, but has not done so.
35:50 Three more questions which will be answered at a future board meeting
38:20 Stakeholder report by Jenny Regal regarding ATA rally on May 7
42:10 Monitoring of Ends 4: Personal Development
2:02:56 Approval of the recommended changes to the reasonable interpretation of Ends 4: Personal Development as presented in the report
2:08:35 Motion regarding reviewing governance policy B-4 regarding pre-approval of reasonable interpretation to be referred to the governance committee
2:10:22 EL-11 Sub-Section 8 – Human Resources Management System Stage 1 project closeout (between the CBE and TELUS) is now in compliance
2:16:48 Revision of board meeting times, including when the budget will be presented and discussed.

2 thoughts on “Video of May 3, 2011 CBE board meeting

    1. After the first twenty minutes. We were able to film in the boardroom after the awards ceremony was done.

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