Video of September 20, 2011 CBE board meeting

The sound at the beginning is barely audible, but gets better after a few minutes. Unfortunately, the CBE refused to allow us to plug into their audio soundboard despite having six empty slots. We formally sent a request in to the CBE to allow us this privilege before the meeting, but we have not yet heard back from them. We have been assured that it will be discussed before the next board meeting and we hope to have better sound next time.

CBE Board Meeting September 20, 2011 from ARTICS AssocResponsiveTrusteeCgy on Vimeo.

0:00 Welcome, singing of O Canada, minor corrections to reports

6:08 O.S. Geiger School presentation on Ends 2: Academic Success

25:00 Trustee and Chief Superintendent Reports

35:04 Stakeholder report by Dr. Kelly Guggisberg in support of a policy banning junk food and presentation of a list of signatures

38:40 Annual monitoring of Executive Limitation 10: Budgeting process. Trustees Bowen-Eyre, Ferguson, King, Cochrane and Lane vote in favour. Trustees Bazinet and Taylor opposed.

1:13:50 First reading to amend policy EL-16 to add a ban on junk food, presentation by the Chief Superintendent on current and planned directives to ban junk foods.

1:20:17 Introduction to the policy amendment, reading of the motion by Trustee Taylor

1:23:10 Questions about the motion

1:48:10 Debate on the motion. Trustees Taylor and Bazinet in favour. Trustees Bowen-Eyre, Ferguson, King, Cochrane and Lane opposed.

2:19:04 Approval of agenda, adjournment

One thought on “Video of September 20, 2011 CBE board meeting

  1. You are doing a great public service with this and exposing facts the public has every right to know.
    It is of great concern the CBE is not in any way making this process easy.

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