Use this form to volunteer to help us. We feel that if a number of parents are looking for the same types of information, we should coordinate our efforts. Any help you can offer is appreciated. If you can offer something that isn’t listed, please include a message. You can find more information below the form.

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You might also consider:

  • Attending the public board meetings of the CBE trustees. They are generally held from 5pm – 8pm every other Tuesday at the Education Centre. Please consult the schedule and location. This is a great opportunity to meet your trustee and see them in action.
  • Reading the reports and minutes from the CBE trustees’ public board meetings.
  • Asking a question or make a report at the public board meetings of the CBE trustees. A stakeholder’s report allows an individual to address the board on any educational issue for up to 3 minutes. A question, which must be submitted at least 5 hours in advance, allows an individual to raise a question or request clarification on educational matters. For either method of participation at a board meeting, arrange through the corporate secretary.