Ward 11 & 13 By-election Announcement

The City of Calgary has announced some important information about the by-election for Calgary Board of Education public school board trustee in wards 11 & 13.

Nomination Day is March 16, from 9:00am to 12:00pm at City Hall in the Council Chambers. If you want to be a candidate in the election, you need to come in person, with completed nomination papers containing at least 25 eligible signatures, and $100 (cash is preferable). If you are late or if you don’t have the signatures or the fee, you cannot be a candidate.

The nomination form can be picked up at the Election and Information Services office on weekdays during business hours. When you pick it up, you will have the choice of signing the public or the private register. The public register is available for anyone to see and should be used by most candidates. The private register is not available for public viewing and makes sense mainly for those still undecided about whether or not to run.

At noon on March 16, the opportunity to become a candidate closes. However, candidates are given 24 hours within which to request that their name be removed. After that time, even if a candidate indicates a desire to withdraw, their name remains on the ballot.

The vote will take place on April 13, 2015. Voting locations will be announced online later this month, and we expect most will be within public schools. There will also be advance votes for those who will be out of the city on election day.

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