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We’ve been asked how many people visit our website and come to us for information. Here are some interesting statistics.


On a given day, we average 346 pageviews (hits). On a busy news day, we’ve had close to 900 pageviews. Since April 20, 2011, we’ve received 43,536 visits. For the month of June, we received 12,307 visits.

The most recent visitors came to our website after searching the terms “cbe calgary home page” and “CBE high school bus routes”. Even people with generic questions about the CBE are coming to our website to find more information.

Blog Posts

Our most popular blog posts, so far, are CBE says no to transparency and How much do trustees get paid. This is our 47th article.


The most popular board meeting video is the June 7, 2011 CBE board meeting, closely followed by the budget debates. Since April 20, 2011, our various board meeting videos have been loaded 755 times and viewed 169 times. Astonishingly, 10 people have watched the board meeting videos from start to finish.

There is a very real demand from the public to know what’s happening in the CBE public board meetings. Not everyone is able to attend in person, and those people are visiting our website to find answers. It also avoids having to wait two weeks or more before the official meeting minutes are approved and posted to the CBE website. We will continue to add posts to promote transparency, accountability and responsiveness by the board of trustees.

3 thoughts on “Website statistics

  1. This website and your organization are fantastic resources for parents, teachers and taxpayers in general. Keep up the great work!

  2. Thanks ARTICS!!!! We appreciate you!!! The information you provide assists many parents. Keep up the good work!!!

  3. Thanks to you 2 ladies for the kind words. We will continue as long as it takes for citizens to be happy with the information available directly from the CBE.

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