What Now?

So you may have heard about us in the media, read our blog posts, watched the video of trustee meetings and wondered, what can I do? What now? I’m fired up! First, lets take it back a notch. Remember that no one is all right or all wrong. People have reasons for doing things the way they do and we can’t assume the reason. If we want the behaviour to change, we simply point it out to the people that can change it. And that, in our case is the Board of Trustees. They are our elected representatives at the Calgary Board of Education or any school board you may have an issue with.

Our mantra is and always will be Accountability, Transparency and Responsiveness for Calgary School Board Trustees. We take no position on whether or not the trustees spend too much on their new head office or whether or not the busing fees proposed are too much. We simply bring the information forward so you can decide for yourselves as citizens or engaged parents. Keep engaged. Stay engaged. Start here at knowyourtrustee.com. Then have a look at some of the issues referenced here on the CBE website. Take a look at some of the media links to articles we have on our facebook page. Educate yourselves on the issue and once you are comfortable, send a note to your trustee about your concerns. You can find their contact information and links to meeting minutes and agendas on the CBE website. Agendas and reports are posted Monday morning prior to the Tuesday evening meeting. It can be a lot of reading, but just scanning the two pages of the agenda alone will give you an idea of what will be discussed at the meeting and if there is anything there of interest to you. We hope and encourage you to speak about transparency and write to your trustee with your expectations of what needs to be asked of administration on certain issues.

We now have a rare opportunity. ARTICS obtained a copy of the 2011-2012 transportation fee report that was pulled from the last agenda and posted it for the public to see. As a result, the CBE then posted it on their website. It gives the public a rare chance to look at the report and its recommendations more than just a day in advance, and form an educated opinion on the subject, which they can then communicate to their elected trustees. I think the best and simplest way to get your point across is to say: Can you ask the administration (insert question here)? The next public meeting is on May 17th. Encourage your trustee to ask the hard questions to the CBE administration about their recommendations. Sometimes public input to these matters can dramatically change the conversation.

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