When will the budget be presented to trustees?

At the end of the May 3 board meeting, trustees debated a number of motions about changing the dates of upcoming public board meetings, when the budget would be presented, debated and potentially passed. (Watch the video starting at 2:16:48.)

Trustees passed a motion to make the upcoming May 17 board meeting private, but then there was debate to withdraw that motion and lots of confusion about the right way to “undo” what had been done.

Apparently, Administration wanted to move the presentation of the budget from May 17th to May 24th (which would be a changed from a private to a public meeting) because a key member of the administrative team wasn’t available. However, Trustee Ferguson would not be able to attend May 24th because of her daughter’s wedding.

One trustee speculated that if Ferguson was not present, the board may not have quorum because of trustees declaring pecuniary interest.  In an astonishing twist, it was suggested that quorum wouldn’t matter because they were not passing the budget, only being presented with it.  (It would mean they couldn’t perform any official business at the meeting.)

Trustees voted to go into camera before reaching any decisions.

So how are we to know when the public board meeting is? I’ve just spent some time on the CBE website. I can’t find any indication of when the budget will be presented, or when transportation fees will be debated.

Do we have to wait until agendas are posted the day before to know if a meeting is public or private or if the most critical CBE budget in years is on the agenda?

2 thoughts on “When will the budget be presented to trustees?

  1. I can’t believe things like this keep happening. Is there no governing body within the province to make sure trustee boards are following regulations, and truly representing the people who vote for them? How can we bring attention to these issues to force real change?

    1. I have been to enough meetings with Alberta’s Education Minister, Dave Hancock, to know how he would respond to your first question. He would say that it is up to you to ensure that your elected representatives are being held to account. It is your responsibility as a citizen to make sure that your trustee knows your views and is representing you as best as he or she can. And if your trustee doesn’t listen, it is up to you to make sure that a better candidate is elected during the next election.

      If you truly want to force real change; get informed, get involved and make a difference. We are always willing to help, but we can’t do everything alone 🙂

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