Which trustees voted to remove mandatory French?

According to the public record, none of them. The decision to no longer offer second language learning to all students was made by the CBE administration, behind closed doors, without any apparent public consultation and without the approval of the Trustees that we elected to represent us.

This is not simply an issue of whether removing mandatory French is the right decision or not. It may be. It may not be. The issue is that the CBE administration made an across the board programming change without even bringing it before the trustees, and the trustees have, so far, said nothing about it. Trustees are elected to govern our public school system and to set major policy direction.

Since when is it okay for administration to change policy? The CBE has indicated to the media that this decision was not due to the recent budget cuts. Then why? Parents and other community members should have had the opportunity to read and understand the facts and research, and provide feedback before this sweeping change was implemented. Policy changes should only happen after vigorous debate in public in the board room. We should have all had the opportunity to provide input into the future of our public education system. But, we didn’t, and neither did our trustees.

One thought on “Which trustees voted to remove mandatory French?

  1. This reminds me of the “consultation process” the CBE uses to involve parents in decisions about school closures and program relocations. Any parent who has taken part in this process quickly becomes aware that the decisions have already been made, and parental involvement is nothing more than window-dressing. The administration has forgotten that they are there to serve the students first and foremost. Instead, they serve themselves and their own career objectives.

    The trustess hold no real power, and are little more than window dressing themselves. Good luck getting any of them to return a phone call, or bother to meet with parents when requested.

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