Who does your trustee represent?

The answer “should be” simple. An elected official should always be representing their constituents. With your publicly elected Calgary Board of Education, the answer is not so simple.

Their own policy states “The Board of Trustees represents, leads and serves the organization’s owners –the citizens of Calgary – and holds itself accountable to them by committing to act in the best interests of the Calgary Board of Education and by ensuring that all Board and organization action is consistent with law and the Board’s policies.” If you look at board decisions through this lens, is it in the best interest of the public? Is it in the best interest of the Calgary Board of Education? and is it consistent with law and board policy? Often these 3 questions come into conflict.

A deeper question is, Is what is it in the best interest of the Calgary Board of Education administration in the best interest of the Calgary Board of Education? furthermore, does it serve the owners (the public) or consistent with the law and board policy?

A trustee, in this case, the board chair makes a statement as follows in a letter to the Education Minister, “we are concerned that parent and resident appeals to ministers should not be seen as a standard recourse for small dissatisfied groups.” She Insults her own constituents referring to them as a “small group” (3000 signatures on a petition) and encourages the education minister to not meet them at all saying ” “If there is a public perception that, as a result of such a meeting, the minister will request municipalities and school boards to pursue outcomes not beneficial to all citizens of Calgary, by insisting on more community consultation” It begs the question, as the title suggests, who does your trustee represent? Or as in the Trustee policy, who do they serve?

A definition of the word serve as it relates is “to render assistance; be of use; help.” I am not sure that this letter is of assistance, use or help to her constituents or the Calgary public in general? Furthermore would it not be in the best interest of the Calgary Board of Education to build consensus by listening to the concerns of it’s constituents?

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  1. Larry – I wasn’t sure my original post went through so this is a second attempt. You will find the response from Scenic Acres to Joy’s letter at the website noted. While Ward Sutherland and Sandra Jansen have been responsive to Scenic Acres, Joy has been noticeably absent from the engagement. She did not attended an Open House May 21 hosted by Sandra; she has responded in emails to residents previously that this school situation is not a CBE matter; yet she now advocates for the FrancoSud Board and attempts to create fearmongering by stating community engagement would impeded progress. The fact is that if community engagement had been considered and factored into the capital planning process at the frontend, this project would be moving forward in an appropriate location without delay! Joy attempts to project the planning deficiency blame to the Community in order to compensate. The original land assessment was completed at least three years ago without any knowledge from our elected officials as well as our community. As part of the re-assessment of properties completed by the JUCC in June, the CBE only provided their list from the first assessment while CSSD added two viable sites. So there you have it – lack of transparency, no accountability, and unresponsive behaviour by the CBE.

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